Talk To Me! The Future Of Voice Search And Smart Speakers

Changing user demands.

Voice-enabled devices used (by age)
Source: Zion & Zion
Voice-enabled devices used (by income)
Source: Zion & Zion

So how can you bring in voice assistants to your marketing strategy?

  • How interested is your demographic in smart speakers?
    As mentioned in the graph (based on age), younger generations — especially GenZ, GenX, and millennials — are gearing up to use voice assistants faster than older generations. Find out how your audience will react to you introducing voice search in your business.
  • Use podcast advertising
    Podcasts are the next big thing. Podcasts are great for getting your business known, inspiring customer loyalty, and creating meaningful engagement. If you have the right content that’s just short, informative, and interesting enough, you’ll find people accessing your company’s podcast via their Google Home, Amazon Echo, or HomePod devices.
  • Optimise content for voice search
    While it’s not easy to define what optimal content is for such a new industry, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-style answers, articles, and local information get the highest search rates, since people tend to ask questions or short phrases like “What’s the weather for tomorrow?” or “Where can I find good piri piri chicken around me?”



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A. Sharma


A Generation Z kid studying sociology and searching for the Fortress of Solitude.