When informed consent, artificial intelligence and bioethics hold a complex conversation.

Photo by jorien Stel via Pexels

Serving up some chai to go with that misogyny

Photo by Thiago Matos via Pexels

And how a young man managed to solve what firefighters and engineers couldn’t.

Graffiti of child sipping on pipe
Photo by Shukhrat Umarov on Pexels

Debating women’s ability to achieve enlightenment, according to Hindu mythology.

Street art in Sao Paulo of woman with three eyes and holding up a hand with an eye on the palm
Photo by Claudia Barbosa on Pexels

Your ability to understand customers’ struggles and desires is what makes a business successful.

Focus on woman’s blue eyes in broken mirror shard
Photo by Ismael Sanchez on Pexels

What’s the process behind your Google search on how to cut hair yourself in quarantine?

Spiderweb speckled with raindrops with a hazy background of red cherries and blue tinges
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels

A. Sharma

A Generation Z kid studying sociology and searching for the Fortress of Solitude.

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